Safety Report for Sep 2017

Calling Landings and Touch and go's is very important.  Please if someone is at one end, or the other of the field and you are a third or half way and hear the call,  please feel free to pass the word further down the field.  This will help everyone!  


I have seen several flights out over the parking lot and south of the east/west fence line, as well as the RotorPlex fence line on the west side in the last month.  Please folks,  understand the rules are in place to prevent the SDPD, Park Rangers, as well as the general public from complaining and possibly forcing other rules none of us want.


When joining this club, you inherently agree to the rules of the club.  Please follow the rules, and assist others to understand the rules if needed.  Every club member IS A SAFETY PERSON.  Feel free to discuss rules as needed WITHOUT being confrontational.


One last thing,  when there are few to no other people at the field,  YES!!  THE RULES STILL APPLY.


Thank you so much,
Randy Wynant