Safety Report for June 2017

Summer is here,  please stay HYDRATED!


If you have a fire extinguisher,  Please have it out and accessible should we have the need.
IF and I do mean IF we have a fire in the field, please if you are going to try to assist in putting it out, please
please attack it from the UPWIND side. Let's not get anyone hurt trying to do the right thing.  ALSO, someone should be ready to call 911, if at any moment it appears to be too much to deal with ourselves. Stick to the side of caution and CALL 911 if you can see flames.......those weeds are 5 to 6 ft tall in many places.


Some Thoughts:
If you are not sure which direction the pattern should be, talk with the pilots in the air before you take off,  agree on the direction. 


Let's get a handle on our take offs. All too often there's a plane that goes to full throttle, turns left over the pits......then is very erratic until it gets out over the field......P-Factor/Torque Roll is caused by going to full throttle too literally turns the plane left.


One last thing,  If there is any sort of high speed/larger plane in the air, please consider holding your take off for a few minutes, or make a point of staying completely away from that airspace.  Likewise, if someone has a big/fast plane pending take off, maybe wait for the few
planes in the air to land before taking off........


Have fun and stay safe
Randy Wynant