Safety Report for May 2017

For those of you who know Teri Thomann, he has had a stoke.  This has put him in a wheel chair, and not in the greatest condition.  I went and saw him Tuesday the 23rd.  If anyone would like to visit Teri Thomann, please contact Randy Wynant This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for his location.
This past month we did fairly well regarding being safe,  at least to my knowledge.
We did have have the gate check where you test your flight control surfaces, then pull the plane back, and actually CONNECT the wing servos ;-)  Nice Save!
Also incase anyone was wondering, the Police Heli has a camera on it that can count the hairs in your nose from 2 miles away.....that also means they can tell how high you are from that same 2 miles.  This is a headsup that when the Police Chopper is in the area,  keep your aircraft much lower than you normally would.  He can see you from the North side of Fiesta Island....Then fly to us and yell at a specific airplane that has gone too high.
I just picked up a new First Aid Kit,  keep that in mind,  they do infact get old and out of date. Please get one or replace yours as soon as possible.
Randy Wynant