Safety Report for Jan 2017

Hi everyone,  Randy Wynant here.


I am your new Safety Officer for 2017.  Thank you for having me! ( even though I dropped all those hotdogs ....nevermind)


If any of you have specific safety concerns, please feel free to email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. this will also be on the site.  Be as specific as possible in your reporting, and we will address the issue professionally and considerately.


Over the last 2 months I have been fairly quiet, sitting back and observing what we do, and how we handle things at the field.  We have some of the usual antics,  blazing down the middle of the runway, and fence line,  doing 3D CPS ( Crazy Pilot Schtuff ) right on the weedline,  accidently flying over the pits, and parking lot. ALWAYS please consider the other pilots that are flying, and their type of flying....not sure? Then maybe wait 4 or 5 min to go up.......this is just a thought, and something I, and many others do.


Some of these things are purely an accident, and I would hope you get out of the "accidental" issue without a crash or worse, someone being injured, or property damage. Always try to stay with your plane if it's out of control!!  Quite often, you will gain back control and save everything! There is no flying quads off the tables, and no flying allowed south of the fence line.


Last Tuesday 1/17 there was a Mavic spotted flying over the parking area.....this is a violation of club rules. Please don't do that, and you club members that are seeing this kind of behavior, please ask your aquaintances and or friends not to do this........the rules are in place 7 x 24....NOT just on weekends......7 days a week.


Speaking of Parking Area:  The access to the field speed limit is 5 MPH.  Most everyone knows the term S L O W D O W N !!!!  ( thanks Brad ;-)  PLease,  if you see a buddy, or an aquaintance coming into the area at an unsafe speed,  please take a moment and ask them to keep it down to SLOW.  This is not just a dust issue....there are kids/dogs in the area, and they see open area....and dash out unexpectedly, and gravel is NOT very good for grip.   


Last but not least,  MEMBERS,  Please wear your badges.  Please do NOT invite guests to fly that do not have a minimum of Open Membership in the AMA.


Unless otherwise notified,  NO OTHER insurance is accepted at SEFSD.
Thank you so much,
Randy Wynant
Safety Officer,  SEFSD