Curous About the Way Things Used to Be?

If you are wondering how things used to be in our club, and with electric flight in general, you can peruse through old issues of Peak Charge from the early 90s through 2010.  In the early 90s most of us built our own planes, used brushed motors and Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries.  The Chinese had not yet taken over the modeling market.  Performance was usually moderate and flight times were relatively short.  But due to those individuals who created improved motors, controllers and batteries we progressed to where we are today.  One of these pioneers was SEFSD's own Steve Neu who showed everyone how to get the maximum performance out of the equipment we had available.  Not satisfied with the status quo, he developed high performance speed controllers for brushed and brushless motors.  He later designed and still produces a line of extremely high performance brushless motors (NeuMotors).  So take a look back in time and you will realize just how lucky we are today, because of those that constantly pushed the boundarys of what was possible.  Click the newsletter cover below to go to the Archived Newsletters.  -Steve