The Mighty TriPacer

by Bob Kreutzer


You may recall the article on “The Mighty PT-17” last year. What a great airplane. I literally flew the wings off of that airframe.




As the foam airframe is a natural shock absorber, I was left with an intact control and power system. It is just not right to throw away such an amazing radio controlled system that we used to dream of years ago.. Now, I’ll admit, I am a random type of person and for some reason I chose to make a Piper Tri Pacer with the leftover pieces. Some of you may recall that I once wrote a column called “Composite Corner” some two decades ago that highlighted some of the most advanced composite construction techniques as they related to model aircraft construction at the time. The times do change and this time I chose to go back to “old school” balsa construction for the Mighty Tri Pacer. As they say, “ a picture is worth a thousand words”, so I will utilize both picture and words to share the realization of The Mighty Tri Pacer.



Piper Plan