Richard's New Laser 230Z

By Richard Felkins,


The plane is an Andrew Jesky, AJ Aircraft Laser 230Z, 115 inch in the Reflex paint scheme with a flying weight of 40 pounds.

The plane is using a NeuMotors 8038 142 Kv, the 7S 35C 14000 mAh batteries are from China and built to my specs (pack weight 10 lbs.).


After 6 minutes of a Sportsman IMAC sequence flown by Tim Attaway, I only put 7200 mAh back in the packs.

Currently the ESC is a 200 Amp HobbyWing Opto HV rated up to 14S that I am propping down to a 28x12 to stay at 200 Amps for now.


AJ 1

Photo op



AJ 2

AJ Laser 115 No Canopy or Batteries


AJ 3

Ready to Fly


AJ 4

Motor Front


AJ 5

Motor Side


AJ 6

ESC and Motor


AJ 7

14000 mAh Batteries on Scales


AJ 8

Battery Charging