Electroglide Report for Sep. 2017

By Jeff Struthers



Two 10s and a 20-Point Landing


It was an overcast morning last Saturday, wind was from the south at around 5 mph. Not the best-looking conditions for an Electroglide competition but we take what’s given us. A few of Pilots launched their Radians early to see what the winds were like up there. Lo and behold there was lift, up high and to the west of our runway. Workable lift existed.


On the first launch at 9:35 that’s where most pilots headed. A steady hand and a strong battery was needed to get high enough in 20 seconds of allowed motor run. Then careful piloting to stay in a lift that seemed to come and go. Roger Ball had the longest flight at 6:12 followed by Scott Vance at 5:41. Scott picked up a 30-point landing, Fred Daugherty and I getting 10-point landings.


With the second launch, all seven pilots headed for the same westward spot only to have launch paused as a helicopter approached our flying area. All gliders came down and we did a restart.


This time the lift had disappeared. The longest flight of 3:57 was recorded by both Scott and Roger. I picked up a 30-point landing, Roger and Fred got 20-point landings and Rich Rogers brought in a 10-point landing.


For the third launch about six minutes later, the lift was back. Flight times jumped for those who found it. Roger had the long flight at 9:45 with a 10-point landing. Scott came down at 9:38 with a 20-point landing and Rich Rogers came in at 9:20 with a 10-point landing. Fred and myself scored 20-point landings and Jon Graber picked up a 10-point landing. Fun flying in much better conditions.


Fourth and final launch found similar conditions. Roger came close to maxing out the flight time at 9:49. Scott came down at 9:36 with a 20-point landing and Tom Erickson had 9:11 aloft. Fred and I both picked up 20-point landings again. Another fun round for us all.


Winner for the day was Scott Vance at 243 total points. Second place goes to Roger Ball at 210 points and third place goes to yours truly at 160 points.


Even though the day started out overcast with a south wind, we got our airplanes up and had some fun. The moral of this day is do not leave your glider at home when you come to the field. Get it up there and see what the conditions are really like.


Next Electroglide is set for October 21st at 9:30.


See you there,






Landing Approach



Roger, Scott, Timer Eileen & Dennis



Roger, Scott & Rich Landing


Tom up High and A Neck Strain

Tom Up High and A Neck Strain


Long Flight

Tom, Scott & Roger on a Long Flight