BOD Meeting Minutes for April 2016

By Scott Fuller


7:15pm to 8:45pm
Jim, Brad, Quan, Scott, George, Dennis, Paul, Tim, Randy


    •    351 Members currently

    ◦    Went over who didn’t renew their AMA for 2016

    •    IDD

    ◦    Registrations are coming in. Paul and Julie is receiving funds

    ◦    UAS for STEM - David Story and Quan will be Safety

    ▪    Dragons will be judging for the event

    ▪    There will be different waypoints

    ▪    Need objects to put in the field

    ◦    Dennis - Will do food. Scott will bring his portable grill and big tank.

    ◦    Tim - Sanction

    ◦    Extra Outhouse for that weekend

    ◦    PA, Easy ups, stuff, bringing the trailer

    ◦    Vendors are signing up

    ◦    Raffle - Club will donate aprox $500

    ◦    Race Administration

    ▪    Limited it to 20 per Class (3s or 4s)

    ▪    George, Ian McK, and Kyle will help with Race event

    ◦    Track - Need to allocate funds to replace current wilting gates. Will come up with a budget.

    •    Track Timing System - Going to allocate aprox $1000. Agreed to buy.

    •    Homeless is blowing up the bathroom. It’s costing us to fix it.

    •    Tables at Helicopter Pad - Not before May

    •    FPV Frequency Control - Second iteration is done. Will share the files with the AMA?

    •    For Sale area of the page is working. About 140 people have viewed.

    •    Foamy Frenzy

    •    Finances

    ◦    Membership is coming in

    ◦    No REALLY big expenses

    ◦    Taxes will be done this weekend

    ◦    Field Maint

    •    Next board meeting - May 4th