Sefety Report for October 2015

We’re already getting into the tail end of the year with an unusually hot October, and the weather is just starting to cool down, which means more great flying days until El Nino drenches us. Lately I’ve been seeing people doing high speed passes over the runway. Please, please guys, no buzzing the runway. I get plenty of complaints from members about this. Our pit area is just too close to the runway, and there is no margin for error in the case of an accident.


Another recurring issue are somes pilots not yelling “heads up” when they lose control of their model. Even if it’s not a loss of signal and you’re just struggling to regain control of the model from an unexpected gust of wind, please yell “heads up”, especially if it’s close to the pit. Don’t wait until the very last second to tell everybody.


I noticed more full scale aircraft flying over our field lately, some possibly flying under 500 feet. You guys are doing a great job of getting low whenever they come around, and I want to thank you for that.


Lastly, make it a habit to check your flight controls before taking off. This could have saved at least one expensive model and prevented several in-flight scares the last two months. Before you taxi, just test your ailerons, elevator, and rudder, and make sure 1) they move 2) they travel in the right direction. 3) they return to zero. I do this every flight, and I think it’s worth it.