BOD Meeting Minutes for Sept. '15

By Scott FUller

Date Sep 4, 2015
Time 7:45 PM~9:40 PM


Attendees: Paul, Scott, Dennis B, Quan, Jim, Brad, George


- Barter day being canceled indefinitely. Sales permit costs $1200.
- Quan displayed new boundary map. Did some revisions. Namely around the helipad.
- George spoke about an individual causing trouble at the field. Board discussed plan of action.
- VP election for District 10 this year.
- End of year awards. Certificates. Thank you to the Christmas committee.
- Christmas Party - 94th Aero squadron. Jan 16th @5pm. This'll be on next year's budget.
- Tables at the Helipad. ~$300 per table. Jim wants to check on a few more prices.
- Paul reviewed the budget. Moving two events from $250 to $300.
- Officer nominations coming up. Will start accepting nominations next month.
- Paul talked about the incorporation paperwork
- Next Meeting - Oct 2nd.