Hobby Items for Sale

I'm clearing out some wood, covering, tools, and parts that have been sitting on my shelf for while and was hoping some SEFSD members might make good use of them.


K&S Mighty Wire Bender And Coiler   $15
K&S Mini Wire Bender         $10
Du-bro hinge slotter set     $5
GWS micro pinion puller      $5
Berna Assemblers (small one cracked but still usable)   $10
Du-bro 2" spinner black      $5
Du-bro 1 1/2" spinner red    $3
GWS 2 blade spinner          $2
Misc foam tires              $15
Multiplex incidence gauge    $15
Monokote Woodpecker          $10
Williams 1/12 scale standard pilot   $2
Sullivan 40-60 tailwheel     $18
Du-bro ez/mount steering arm $2
Du-bro micro2 control horns x2    $2 each
Du-bro micro2 clevis     x2       $2 each
Du-bro micro2 e/z link            $2
Du-bro micro steerable tail wheel $3
Great Planes .40 dural landing gear  $10
9 partial rolls of Monokote, Ultracote, etc   $30
Box of misc strips and sheets of balsa and ply  $30
Box misc CF rods, tubes, strips, music wire, AL tubes, brass tubes, AL bar, styrene sheets   $30
Sullivan Gold-N-Rod, half length sheaths  2-56 size    $5
Sullivan Gold-N-Cable  2-56 size     $5


Andy Reynolds
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Parts 1


Parts 2