Hobbyking Skymule For Sale; $120

This is the Skymule by Hobbyking, with custom U.S. Coast Guard decals by Callie Graphics.
Counter-rotating propellers.
AERT. Steerable nose wheel. No flaps.
Optional ski wheel substitutes included.
Designed for 3S 2200mah or larger batteries.  Easily carries 2600 or 3000 packs.
Designed to be FPV friendly.  Optional FPV tray canopy hatch substitute included.  The nose cone can be removed for a camera installation.  A large hatch on the fuselage side allows access to your electronics.  BUT WAIT, THERES MORE!
I'll include an FPV camera mounted on a panning servo, already installed on the FPV hatch.

The Skymule is no longer available, but Hobbyking sells parts, at least for a while.


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